US leaders meet with North Korea envoy, schedule next Trump-Kim summit

A top North Korean official traveled to Washington, D.C., Thursday for meetings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump.

The official, General Kim Yong Chol, is North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s handpicked emissary to discuss Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

General Kim also serves as vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

His second trip to the U.S. in less than a year, General Kim met with Mr. Pompeo and State Department officials Friday morning and Trump in the afternoon at the White House.

Speaking to reporters, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the purpose of the 90-minute meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim was to discuss bilateral relations and advancing “North Korea’s final, fully verified denuclearization.”

After the meetings with Trump and Pompeo concluded, an agreement was reached Trump and Kim would hold a second summit at the end of February in Hanoi, Vietnam, according to Bloomberg sources.

A second summit would follow the June 2018 meeting in Singapore which produced the Sentosa Agreement, covering a wide array of issues.

A joint statement released following the conference stated the leaders had reached a deal on security guarantees for Pyongyang, the return of the remains of dead servicemen, a vow to work toward denuclearization on the Korean peninsula and creating a pathway for further talks.

In the aftermath of the men holding talks, North and South Korea dismantled outposts along the demilitarized zone separating the two countries and re-opened cross-border rail transportation.


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