Rod Rosenstein still has a job after meeting with Trump

Politicians and prognosticators have been wary of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s job security at the Department of Justice since a media report in September inferred Rosenstein distrusted President Trump and doubted his ability to lead the nation.

However, concerns were allayed Monday when Trump declared he had no plans to fire Rosenstein. The two men finally had the chance to convene, traveling to Orlando, Fla., on Air Force One a week and a half after their originally scheduled meeting was postponed.

After the president and Mr. Rosenstein arrived in central Florida, Hogan Gidley, a White House aide, spoke of the success of the meeting and told reporters Rosenstein still had a job.

“They discussed various topics including the International Chiefs of Police event later today, support for our great law enforcement officials, border security, how to better address violent crime in Chicago and general DOJ business,” said Gidley.

When asked how the asked how the conversation with Rosenstein went, Trump said: “Great,” falling in line with previous comments on Rod Rosenstein.

During a news conference at the U.N. General Assembly, Trump declared he did not want to fire Rosenstein.

“We’ve had a good talk. He says he never said it, he doesn’t believe it, he said he has a lot of respect for me, and he was very nice, and we’ll see,” Trump said.

By keeping Rosenstein, Trump has averted another political disaster. Removing the DOJ’s second in command may have caused many, including Republicans, to question the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency and thus swing mid-term votes in favor of congressional Democrats.

It is unknown whether Trump’s actions were politically motivated, but what is known is that Rosenstein still has a job at the Justice Department, preserving the Mueller investigation and ultimately the reign of democracy.

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