Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis admits being source of fictional CNN story, acknowledges multiple lies

A lawyer serving as counsel for Donald Trump’s ex-attorney, Michael Cohen, has admitted he was the source for a false news story published by CNN in July specifying Trump was aware of the now-infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

The attorney representing Cohen, Lanny Davis, has admitted he was the source for a fictional story asserting his client would verify President Trump had advance knowledge of the meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who allegedly offered damaging political intelligence on Democratic foe, Hillary Clinton.

The original CNN story cited “sources with knowledge” which told the cable news giant Cohen had personally witnessed Donald Trump Jr. inform his father of plans to go ahead with a scheduled rendezvous at Trump Tower.

President Trump has repeatedly said he learned of the meeting only after it took place.  At the time of the story’s explosive publication on July 27, Davis had served as Cohen’s attorney for several weeks.

Although Cohen’s testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the fall of 2017 he was not aware of the 2016 meeting before it took place, as late as Aug. 22 Davis was still clinging to his original story, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper Cohen was present when both Trump and Donald Jr. discussed the Trump Tower meeting.

The story, however, began to unravel when Davis admitted to multiple media outlets he fabricated the story.  Davis has also been exposed as the original source of the lies and the source confirming the fictions to numerous media organizations.

Both the New York Post and Washington Post have published stories revealing Davis as the source of the prevarications and issued apologies from Davis:

“I regret that I wasn’t clear enough to The Post. I should have been more clear. I could not independently confirm the information in the CNN story.  I’m sorry that I left that impression. I wasn’t at the meeting. The only person who could confirm that information is my client.”

A longtime friend and political ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Davis served in the Clinton White House as special counsel to the former president from 1996 to 1998.

Mr. Davis represented Cohen in the former Trump lawyer’s recent plea agreement over bank fraud charges.


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