MSNBC contributor smears noted Intercept editor as Russian agent

A recent visit to Russia to participate in a discussion group over cybersecurity issues and visit with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has left The Intercept editor Glenn Greenwald facing a grievance from a MSNBC contributor.

A regular commentator on global political and legal issues, Greenwald recently traveled to Russia to sit as a panelist at a discussion on so-called “fake news” at the International Cybersecurity Congress on July 6.  Moderated by Russia Today (RT), Greenwald later sat with RT and described the U.S. political class and media elites as “obsessed” with viewing Russia as an enemy.

Greenwald went on to say the term “fake news” is an undefined term manipulated by politicians to denounce media reports they dislike.  Greenwald later held a private meeting with Snowden, who has remained in asylum in Russia since 2013.

One MSNBC contributor took exception to Greenwald’s words and attacked him on Twitter as a paid Russian agent.

Malcolm Nance, a former U.S. Navy cryptology expert, author and political commentator tweeted:

Despite the charge, Greenwald did have fellow journalists come to his defense.  AlterNet senior writer Max Blumenthal told RT:

“This is outright slander, potentially legally actionable libel, that is being committed by an employee of MSNBC, which has pushed this frame of anything connected to Russia being a form of treason, whether it’s diplomacy or person-to-person engagement.”

Leveling more criticism at what he saw as a dishonest attack on an honest journalist, writer Matt Taibbi tweeted:

In a scathing attack on the cable network and Nance, Greenwald responded with a piece on The Intercept, in which he launched broadsides against the cable news giant for continuing to employ Nance despite his history of false statements while appearing on the network.  Greenwald highlighted one falsehood, the 2016 claim by Nance Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein had her own show on RT.

A blatant lie uttered by Nance on MSNBC’s Morning Joy, hosted by left-wing zealot Joy Reid, Reid let the fabrication stand and neither she nor MSNBC ever issued a retraction.

Greenwald blasted MSNBC for allowing Nance to return as a commentator on the cable network in a tweet on Thursday.

A former attorney and contributor with Salon and The Guardian, Greenwald’s tenure at The Guardian brought him into contact with Snowden in early 2013, when Snowden revealed to Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras the existence of the U.S. government’s collection of metadata.

Greenwald joined The Intercept in 2013.


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