White House lawyers seek deal with Mueller to end Russia probe

Attorneys for President Trump are reportedly weighing an arrangement under which the president would agree to an interview with DOJ special counsel Robert Mueller to accelerate the pace of Mueller’s Russia probe.

Appointed in May 2017, Mr. Mueller is investigating alleged collusion between Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign.  Mueller’s probe is also looking into allegations President Trump obstructed justice for dismissing former FBI head, James Comey.

President Trump has repeatedly denied any pre-election alliance with Russia or Russian citizens and has often labeled the investigation a partisan “witch hunt.”

According to Wall Street Journal sources familiar with Trump’s legal team’s strategy, Mr. Trump would agree to be interviewed by federal investigators if Mueller ends the probe within 60 days of meeting with the president, or limit the scope of questioning.

Attorneys for Trump believe the special counsel is most interested in interviewing the president over the events leading up to and the president’s decision to dismiss Comey as director of the FBI and Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser.

Legal experts say such a scenario is unlikely to be realized:

“I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to a set time to finish the investigation.  What would happen if they went beyond the time limit. Have never heard of that ever being done and there isn’t a chance Mueller would or could agree to that condition,” said former federal prosecutor, Jeffrey Cramer.

Lead outside attorney for Mr. Trump, John Dowd, refused comment on the speculation.

In a sign the White House is preparing for Trump to meet with Mueller’s team, rumors circulating indicate veteran Washington, D.C., attorney Emmet Flood will be added to Trump’s legal team.

In addition, White House principal deputy press secretary, Raj Shah, said Sunday Trump still intends to testify under oath in front of Mueller’s team and that his lawyers are currently “communicating with the special counsel on the specifics regarding that.”


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