Fort Meade NSA shooting leaves 3 injured

Investigators in Maryland are probing an incident at Fort Meade in which the driver of a SUV approached the gate of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) campus early Wednesday morning.

Fort Meade is the site of the NSA’s headquarters in Anne Arundel County, Md., approximately 17 miles south of Baltimore.

The FBI said it is possible the driver of the vehicle may have made a wrong turn, but it was investigating alternative motives.

“The FBI continues to believe that yesterday’s encounter was an isolated incident.  Our investigation continues and we do not see a nexus to terrorism,” Said Dave Fitx, spokesman for the FBI’s field office in Baltimore.

Authorities say as the vehicle approached the gate, security personnel opened fire.  Officials said shots fired at the SUV caused injuries to the driver, a police officer and a civilian who was not connected to the vehicle.

Of the three occupants in the car, two were uninjured and released from custody.  The driver of the rented vehicle, Javonte Alhajie Brown, sustained minor injuries.

Brown, 24, a Washington, D.C., resident, was turned over to the Howard County Sheriff’s Office later Wednesday and was held when it was discovered he was sought for unpaid child support.

A heavily-guarded facility, Fort Meade was the site of a similar incident in 2015, when a stolen vehicle with two occupants disobeyed security warnings and guards at the base’s manned security outpost opened fire.  The driver of the vehicle was killed.

None of the three injured were hurt by gunfire. Authorities said the investigation is continuing.


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