Hillary Clinton’s approval hits historic low

A new Gallup poll reveals Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating among adults has dropped to its lowest point since the polling company began tracking the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former first lady in 1992.

According to data assembled by Gallup, only 36 percent of Americans now see Mrs. Clinton in a favorable light, down from a June survey of 41 percent.  Gallup’s research also disclosed 61 percent of respondents disapproved of Clinton, also a new high.

Gallup’s survey was assembled after interviewing 1,049 adults earlier in December.

Gallup data also indicated Bill Clinton’s favorability has dropped to 45 percent, the lowest level since March 2001.

Prior to the latest poll, Mrs. Clinton had twice registered 38 percent favorable ratings over the past 25 years.  On the first occasion in August 2016, one the eve of the presidential election, and again in April 1992 while her husband Bill campaigned for the White House.

Graph 1

Only twice in the last 25-year period has Hillary Clinton surpassed the 60 percent favorability mark.  Clinton reached 67 percent favorability in late 1998 as her husband faced impeachment; while serving as secretary of state, Clinton’s favorability was consistently above 60 percent.

Gallup’s analysis of statistics also revealed Clinton favorability rating has reversed a norm:  Unlike other failed presidential candidates who have earned high marks following the election loss, Hillary Clinton’s ratings have plummeted.

“Since losing to Trump, Clinton’s favorable ratings have not improved, in contrast to what has happened for other recent losing presidential candidates,” Gallup concluded.

Gallup also noted Clinton’s favorability has dropped consistently since the election as she has engaged in a book tour to peddle her election memoir, What Happened.

In her account chronicling the 2016 election, Clinton laid blame for her shocking loss at the feet of Russian intervention, sexism, WikiLeaks disclosures damaging to her campaign, James Comey, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, the media, the FBI, Vladimir Putin, the DNC, Bernie Sanders, social media platforms, content farms in Macedonia, voter suppression and the Benghazi probe.

Since losing the election, controversy has continued to swirl around Clinton over what has been exposed as a Democratic nomination framework tipped to favor Clinton over primary opponent Bernie Sanders, her use of a private server, and her mishandling of classified information while serving at the State Department.

Similarly, a cloud has remained over Clinton and her husband related to the shady function of the Clinton Global Initiative, which shuttered following her election loss.

Clinton has also been criticized for her association with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, a friend and financial supporter, who has faced numerous accusations of sexual harassment and rape.