EDITORIAL: Why we need to kill the Republican tax bill

We need to let Republicans in Congress know that we’re on to their lies and not going to let them jeopardize our futures to appease their donors. The $1.5 trillion “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” will destroy both our kids and our own futures, while giving a pay day to the GOP’s billionaire benefactors. Conservative tax reform also means steep cuts to social services that we rely on throughout our day-to-day lives, while┬ápaying higher taxes to make up the difference.

According to a study released Friday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, Americans not in the top five percent of income earners would have less after-tax dollars in their own pockets by 2027 if the legislative proposal is made law, while those in the top one percent would have an extra $38,000 on average.

For people living in so-called blue states, this bill is an act of vengeance by the Trump administration and congressional Republicans, evidenced by the elimination of state and local tax deductions. The time has come for raising your voices and saying, “Enough!”.

Start by calling and emailing your representatives and senators. Tell them that their vote to pass will mean that you’ll vote them out in next year’s midterm election.

Perhaps most egregiously, the GOP bill will clear the way for making devastating cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Many of us and our parents currently rely on these programs and will continue to do so in the future. It also robs our parents of their dignity upon retiring.

Lastly, we’ll see a tax on our student loan debt upon graduation or post-graduation from college. The GOP’s timing on eliminating the student debt deduction could not have been worse. It not only effects student debt, it also forces university to raise tuition fees to make up the difference; and that’s in addition to our student debt becoming recognized as taxable income.

This version of tax reform is wrong on so many levels. Let’s make a point to let congressional Republicans know it in 2018.


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