The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Kurz wins Austrian elections:  Following gains in the Austrian parliamentary elections, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz is expected to form a government in Vienna and assume the Austrian chancellorship. Kurz’s People’s Party (OVP) earned 31.4 percent of the vote in elections held Sunday, Oct. 15.

The first “millennial leader” elected on the European continent, Kurz, 31, will become the world’s youngest head of state.  His swift rise to power is largely attributed to his tough stance on illegal immigration.

Despite gaining 15 seats in the National Council, Kurz’s People’s Party did not capture enough seats to earn a majority in the National Council.  Kurz is expected to form a coalition with Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party.

France to expel criminal illegals:  In a wide-ranging interview covering image, popularity polls, and foreign policy, his first since becoming French president in May, Emmanuel Macron told interviewers on state TV of his intent to begin deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

Vowing to take “tougher measures” against migrants who engage in crime, Macron said:  “We will take the most severe measures, we will do what we must do.”

Macron’s comments follow the stabbing deaths of two French women in Marseilles by a 29-year-old Tunisian migrant two weeks ago.

Canadian province limits wearing of face veils:  The government of French-speaking Quebec passed a law banning the wearing of full-faced veils in public.  Under the law, those performing or receiving public service are prohibited from wearing facial coverings.  Two previous attempts to pass a similar motion failed in 2010 and 2013.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard explained the measure was passed into law as a matter of public safety, communication and identification.

The law is expected to go into effect in mid-2018.

Suicide blasts kill dozens in Afghanistan:  Two suicide blasts carried out in mosques in Afghanistan have killed over 60 and injured over 300.

In the first attack at a Shia mosque in Kabul, officials say a lone gunman opened fire on worshipers before detonating an expolsve device strapped to his chest.  Authorities estimate 40 were killed.

In a second blast, Afghani police say a suicide bomber wearing a suicide vest detonated his device as dozens of Sunni worshipers prayed Friday evening.  A senior local police official among the dead is believed to have been the attacker’s target.

The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The two blasts follow four Taliban-connected attacks on military outposts or police stations in the past week.  Over 120 were killed in the four attacks.

Spanish PM suspends authority of Catalan government:  Following Catalan President Carles Puigdemont refusing to rescind his claim the region has the right to secede from Spain, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has taken initial steps to impose direct rule over the self-ruled region.

Meeting with Spanish ministers Saturday, Rajoy announced he has asked Spain’s senate to empower him to dissolve the regional Catalan government and set elections within six months.

Referring to direct rule as “restoring order” in the region, Rajoy said he proposed triggering Article 155, which would allow Madrid to dismiss Catalan regional officials, set new elections, and impose Spanish control over police, finances and public media.

An unprecedented act in Spanish constitutional history, Puigdemont responded by slamming Madrid’s response as similar to Francisco Franco’s military dictatorship and called on the Catalan parliament to discuss a response to Madrid’s actions.


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