Gallup: Trump approval rating at 50 percent in 17 states, down from election results in 47 states

President Trump’s latest approval ratings were released Saturday by Gallup, showing less than 40 percent of all American adults favor the job the White House’s latest occupant is doing.

Aggregate results of Gallup tracking polls have also been compiled using data from Jan. 20 through June 30. Based on interviews of over 81,000 adults, the polls found that President Trumps approval ratings averaged 50 percent or higher in 17 states. In the same number of states, polls showed approval ratings averaging around 40 percent or lower.

In 47 of the states, Trump’s approval numbers have dropped below the percentage of votes the then-GOP presidential candidate received in that state. The three exceptions were Hawaii, Utah and Montana. In those states, his approval rating was higher than the percentage of votes he earned.

President Trump’s time in office so far has been filled with controversies regarding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. It is safe to assume that his approval ratings have been affected by the public’s opinion on the matter.

It is also important to note that approval ratings often rise and fall throughout a presidents time in office. For example, President Obama had an all-time high approval rating of 67 percent and a low of 40 percent.

Comparing past White House office-holders to the current president, President Obama’s average approval rating for the entirety of his time in office was 48 percent. Currently, President Trump’s average stands at 40 percent.

While President Trump’s approval rating is projected to rise slightly in the coming months, public opinion is often dependent on what policy actions are taken by the administration. So far, healthcare and tax reform, two pillars of Trump’s 2016 campaign, have yet to be realized and stand long odds come the fall legislative session.


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