The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Iran sentences Iranian-American to 10 years behind bars:  A spokesperson for Iran’s court system announced an American holding dual citizenship held in a Tehran jail had been sentenced to 10-years imprisonment for allegedly “infiltrating” Iran.

Although Iran did not reveal the identity of the accused, it is widely suspected to be Lebanese-American, Nizar Zakka.  Zakka disappeared in Iran in 2015 after attending a technology conference in Iran and is a known advocate of Internet freedom.

Iranian Judiciary spokesman Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejehi told reporters at a Sunday news conference the sentence is being appealed.

Turkey’s Erdogan indicates death penalty awaits coup plotters:  At a ceremony marking the one-year anniversary of the failed July 2016 coup, Turkish president, Recep Erdogan, told supporters of his intent to see conspirators executed.

“First of all we will chop off the heads of those traitors,” Erdogan said to the crowd.  He added he would sign a bill reintroducing the death penalty into Turkish law if sent to his desk.

The European Union, recently voted to break debate over Turkey’s accession to the economic bloc, largely over Turkey weighing the death penalty for plotters.

In the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in which 240 were killed, Erdogan arrested over 100,000 Turkish citizens.

Romania to receive Patriot missile system:  In an attempt to upgrade its air-defense capability, the government of Romania has received tentative approval by the U.S. State Department to purchase the Patriot missile system.

The sale is believed to be worth $3.9 billion.

Seven radar systems and 28 launching stations, along with over 200 potential missiles, are anticipated in the sale to Bucharest.

Japan prepares to dump radioactive material into Pacific:  The chairman of the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Takashi Kawamura, announced Friday his firm would release water used to cool the reactor of the Fukushima power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

The 580 barrels of water expected to be dumped into the ocean is part of an ongoing cleanup effort in the aftermath of the 2011 meltdown.

The radioactive water is known to contain tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen. Kawamura says the quantity is so small that it offers little danger to residents.

Former Brazilian president sentenced:  In a blow to his chances of re-claiming the presidency next year, a Brazilian judge sentenced former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to 10 years in jail for his role in the expanding Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) scandal.

Lula was accused of accepting R$3.7 million ($1.2 million) in bribes from OAS SA in exchange for influence with semi-public Brazilian petroleum giant Petrobras.

Lula has been a leading Worker’s Party contender for Brazil’s 2018 election.  Lula is expected to appeal the verdict.


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