Trump announces pipeline to Mexico, 5 other energy measures

Just over one month following the opening of the Dakota Access Pipeline and three months after the Keystone XL pipeline received a go ahead to complete work, President Trump announced the approval of a third conduit destined to reach Mexico.

Mr. Trump is hoping the plan will allow the U.S. to dominate global energy markets, largely on expanding U.S. energy resources for exportation based on low global energy prices.

With Vice President Mike Pence, Interior and Energy secretaries Ryan Zinke and Rick Perry at his side, the president unveiled on Thursday the third main at the Department of Energy as part of “Energy Week.”

Vowing San Antonio-based NuStar Energy’s New Burgos Pipeline would “boost American energy exports,” Trump said:

“My administration has just approved construction of a new petroleum pipeline to Mexico, which will further boost American energy exports.” 

Under the new plan for the 46-mile line to Mexico, 108,000 barrels of refined petroleum is expected to flow “right under the wall,” to America’s southern neighbor from south Texas.

Part of an six-part initiative, Trump also unveiled plans for a new offshore oil and gas leases, expanding the exportation of natural gas, and permits to the existing Dos Laredos pipeline.

Trump added both Ukraine and South Korea are potential clients to purchase American petroleum and natural gas.

Despite Mr. Trump’s approval of the project and enthusiasm, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday the Keystone XL pipeline was struggling to secure customers to ship petroleum products.

Although construction began a decade ago, the expanded pipeline was delayed by protests, lawsuits and eventually a denial of permits by the Obama administration.


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