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Syria demands UN halt U.S. airstrikes in Syria:  The Syrian government has lodged a formal request to the United Nations Security Council asking the UN demand the U.S. immediately halt all coalition airstrikes inside Syria.

The request follow an American-led airstrike in Al-Mayadeen, which killed dozens of Syrian civilians.

According to Syrian officials, the letter to the UN calls for the UN to end the “illegal actions” of the U.S. coalition and emphasizes French, British and U.S. military activity in Syria is prolonging Syria’s agony and encouraging terror attacks abroad.

Scotland’s Sturgeon says Scot independence must be factor in Brexit:  First Secretary of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon told Scottish National Party officials gathered for a party conference she intends to counter UK’s Brexit plans with a second bid for an independence referendum.

Sturgeon seeks to tether Brexit to a second Scot independence bid.

Sturgeon told the audience Brexit’s toll on Scotland, particularly the loss of access to the European Union’s (EU) single market, will be devastating for Scotland.  Sturgeon said the best alternative is Scot independence, which would enable Scotland to manage trade alliances with the EU’s single market.

A previous independence plebiscite to leave the UK failed in September 2014, 55 percent to 44 percent.

Kabul bomb blast kills 90:  A massive car bomb explosion rocked the diplomatic section of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Wednesday as commuters made their way through morning rush hour.  Reports say 90 were killed and over 400 were injured.

It is unclear which group is responsible for the attack.  Taliban officials have denied responsibility, but no official word from the Islamic State (ISIS) has been released.

Kabul map

Officials say the vehicle used in the attack was a large truck or a water-tank truck parked a short distance from the German embassy near Zanbaq Square.  Judging from the extent of the damage, authorities speculate the vehicle was packed with approximately 1,500 kilograms of plastic explosives.

French cyber security head says no trace of Russian hacking:  In an interview with the Associated Press (AP), Guillaume Poupard, director general of France’s Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information, French cyber security, said the probe into a hacking of President Emmanuel Macron during the recent French presidential election was not carried out by the Russian Federation.

Saying the hacking perpetrated against Macron was “so generic and simple” Poupard concluded the hack could have been conducted by “practically anyone.”

Poupard’s analysis contradicts early reports in Western media claiming the Russian Federation had conducted the attack to aid Marine LePen’s bid for the French presidency.

Syrian Kurds begin receiving U.S. weapons:  Defense Department officials have confirmed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have received the first shipments of American-made weapons ahead of the expected offensive to re-take the Islamic State’s de-facto capital, Raqqa.

President Trump announced a “limited” aid package to YPG on May 8.

Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman, confirmed the shipments of small arms and light vehicles on Tuesday.


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