Chaffetz says jail government leakers; McCain calls leakers lawbreakers

Outgoing House oversight committee chairman, Jason Chaffetz, (R-Utah) said Sunday government officials that leak inside information to the media should be prosecuted and jailed.

Appearing with ranking committee member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) on ABC’s This Week, Chaffetz was asked about the ongoing probe into alleged Russian interference in the November presidential election and a story emerging last week about a senior White House official who is targeted in the probe.

“I want to see that this person is prosecuted,” he said.  I think the president makes a very good point. No matter who’s in the White House, you cannot have the type of leaking of information, sources, methods, classified information. I don’t care who it is, Democrat or Republican, you cannot have that happen.”

Chaffetz followed his remark by adding: “You probably need to put some handcuffs on them and put them in jail.”

When host George Stephanopoulos halted Chaffetz and reminded him his inquiry was related to the Trump administration’s responsibility to reveal precisely who the Washington Post story was referring to in its reporting, Chaffetz replied:

“We’ve got to step back and let the investigators and the FBI and the others do their job. We are not in a position to actually dive in and go individual by individual and do these types of interviews. We’ve got to let those officials in the Department of Justice do that.”

Similar to Chaffetz, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain expressed the same attitude during a Fox News Sunday appearance, telling host Chris Wallace those who leak classified material are in violation of the law and need to be “held accountable.”

Mr. Chaffetz will resign his House seat on June 30.


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