Putin, Trump talk Syria, North Korea in Tuesday phone call

Speaking by phone on Tuesday afternoon, the Kremlin said Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to pursue diplomatic avenues to resolve the crisis in North Korea and boost diplomatic efforts to bring about a lasting peace in Syria.

The two also agreed to work out details for a face-to-face meeting in July when world leaders gather for the G20 summit in Germany.

According to a White House statement, the conversation between Putin and President Trump was a “very good” one, which produced a mutual agreement for the establishment of “safe, or de-escalation, zones” in Syria, ending terrorism in the Middle East and options for the situation in North Korea.

Additionally, it was revealed the U.S. will send an emissary to Astana, Kazakhstan, for ongoing talks to end the Syrian civil war.

The White House press release made no mention of the proposed meeting at the upcoming G20 in July.

Similarly, a slightly more detailed statement released by the Kremlin describing the talk as “businesslike and constructive,” made the point of stressing the need for wider diplomatic cooperation and military coordination to end the violence in Syria.

Unlike the White House version of the phone discussion, the Kremlin statement elaborated on Mr. Putin’s desire to see a collaborative effort to deal with Pyongyang, urging diplomatic means to settle the crisis and to engage with the White House to produce a wholesale settlement of the North Korea predicament.


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