Carson: HUD strategy will involve alliance with private-sector

During a nationwide tour of Housing and Urban Development field offices, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson revealed in an interview with the Associated Press Wednesday that he expects a portion of his department’s strategy to include cultivating relationships with the private sector.

“The biggest tools are the partnerships — public, private, nonprofit and faith community partnerships — which allow us to leverage those federal dollars, anywhere from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 20-to-1,” Carson told AP.

Carson says he was encouraged by a visit to Ohio in which he was exposed to the success story of a 100-unit Columbus housing project, which is a combination of “government, non-profit and business partners.”

Carson will seek to breathe life into the Section 3 program, which the former neurosurgeon says has been shunned over the last several decades.

Created through the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, Section 3 seeks to promote self-sufficiency by virtue of job training and employment for low-income earners associated with building projects in the communities in which residents live.

“What we’re really going to be emphasizing is planning. We know when a big project is going to be done and, you know, the planning stage generally takes at least a year.  Well, during that time you can be training people in the area, so that now you have some skills,” Carson said, referring to Section 3.

Similarly, Carson said he will request cooperation from the IRS and the Treasury Department with the goal of securing a wider range of tax credits for low-income earners.


[AP] [Photo courtesy NBC News]