New DNC chair Tom Perez chided over public use of profanity

The newly elected head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is drawing criticism over his frequent use of profanity.

Tom Perez, who served as former President Obama’s Secretary of Labor, has not minced words when he comes to how he feels about the new administration and the Republican Party in general.  At a March gathering in New Jersey, Perez said the GOP’s healthcare plan demonstrates Republicans don’t care about ordinary Americans.

“Well I’ll tell you my idea, because you know what embodies their program? ‘I don’t care,’” Perez told the crowd, referencing the GOP’s failed healthcare proposals. He then added, to applause, “Because they don’t give a s— about people.”

Perez has been using variations on that line at different public events on the DNC’s “Unity Tour.” Perez seems to have an affinity for the word “shit”, often using the expletive. After President Trump released his budget proposal, Perez had this say at an event in Maine:

“They call it a skinny budget, I call it a s—– budget,” Perez said.
Some have not been amused by the chairman’s strong language, and many Republicans have blasted him as impolite and improper. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told “Fox and Friends” that Democrats should be upset by Perez’s strategy.
“I think Democrats should be denouncing his behavior. . . . To say that Republicans don’t give a blank about people, that should not be rhetoric that the head of the Democrat party should be using,” McDaniel said.

Others believe that criticizing Perez’s use of curse words while supporting Trump is hypocritical. Regardless of party preference, most Americans can agree that Trump is not known for his political correctness. Trump cursed frequently in interviews while campaigning for president in 2016.

As CNN pointed out, Trump often talked about how he would “bomb the s— out of ISIS”, if elected.

Regardless, Perez’s language seems mild is comparison to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) who made this declaration about the Democratic Party: “If we’re not helping people, we should go the f— home.”

Watch a highlight video from Perez’s speech on Wednesday in Miami, Fla., which exemplifies his signature style of rhetoric.


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