Russia introduces troops on border with North Korea, opens base above Arctic Circle

One week following China moving 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea, Russia has made a similar move, amassing troops and military equipment to its base in the Far East province of Primorsky Krai.

Global news agencies have reported the deployment of thousands of troops, trucks, heavy military equipment and helicopters in the port city of Vladivostok.  It is also reported the movement of troops and equipment is by rail and by road.

The move is speculated to be connected to the widespread belief President Donald Trump plans a pre-emptive attack against North Korea.  Russia shares an 11-mile border with North Korea.

Home to its Tikhookeanskiy flot (Pacific Fleet), Russia maintains a large military base at Vladivostok in Primorsky and two similar-sized naval bases at Avacha Bay and Vilyuchinsk, both of which are located on the nearby island of Kamchatka.

As reported by Russian news agency, Interfax, the Russian mobilization was a pre-planned maneuver and part of combat readiness exercises.

“There is an approved plan of drills within the framework of an approved plan for combat training of the Armed Forces, the movement of military hardware across the country takes place constantly, but these are planned movements, in connection with the exercises,” said Frants Klintsevich, Russian Federation Council Committee member.

Russia is sending troops to its tiny border with North Korea while China is also understood to have sent 150,000 soldiers to its southern frontier amid fears of a refugee crisis in the event of war

While most of the word’s attention has been gripped to events unfolding on the Korean peninsula, Russia quietly opened a military base north of the Arctic Circle on Alexandra Land Island in its Arkhangelsk Oblast in mid-April.

The Arctic Trefoil base is purportedly home to a nuclear missile site and fighter aircraft.

Believed to be a major expansion to a long-time Russian base perpetuated since the Cold War, the Kremlin spent billions of rubles on massive upgrades over the last two years.

The complex is approximately 150,000 square feet in size and includes a gymnasium, a recreation room, a theater and a greenhouse to cultivate food.  Russia has stated the purpose of the base, in part, is to explore and obtain an estimated ₽1723.27 trillion.


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