Federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump’s revamped travel ban

A federal judge in Hawaii blocked President Trump’s revised immigration ban just hours before the executive order was set to go into effect on Wednesday.

The ruling grants a motion that halts the immigration order nationwide. Hawaii was one of several states to challenge Trump’s second attempt to filter out immigration from various countries with predominately Muslim populations.

U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson said the that immigration order was in violation of the First Amendment, which protects against religious discrimination.

Judge Watson also noted that it would restrict the free flow of people in and out of Hawaii, and was expected to have financial repercussions for the state. Most interestingly, Watson referenced Trump’s own rhetoric in his decision, which led him to rule against the 45th president.

“For instance, there is nothing ‘veiled’ about this press release: ‘Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,'” Watson wrote.

Watson was unmoved by arguments made in the name of national security, and again cited the “significant and unrebutted evidence of religious animus” found in the order.

Trump, who was at a campaign event in Nashville, Tenn., Wednesday night said the need for the executive order was clear, regardless of whether judges agreed with him or not. After hearing the motion was granted, Trump angrily called the decision “an unprecedented judicial overreach.”

The president even ventured to rhetorically ask the crowd about the judge’s motivations for blocking the order.

“You don’t think that this was done by a judge for political reasons, do you?” Trump asked. “Nooooo.”

It is unclear what the Trump administration’s next move will be regarding their conservative immigration agenda. Although the second travel ban attempted to remove language that appeared to target those of a particular religion, Watson’s decision saw right through the language and focused on intent.

This is bad news for Trump, who’s own words are being used against him.


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