Majority of Fox News viewers believe media is the ‘enemy of the American people’

A new poll published in early March by Suffolk University in Boston shows an interesting divide between cable news viewers.

Specifically, the survey found U.S. citizens who exclusively watch Fox News are much more likely to agree with the statement that the media is an “enemy of the American people,” compared to those who also watch other news outlets.

Suffolk’s poll was conducted after President Trump once again railed against what he calls “fake news” in a February tweet.

According to the poll, most Americans actually disagree with the notion that the media is an “enemy of the American people.” Only a third of survey-takers seemed to agree with the president’s notion. However, those who agree with Trump are far more likely to be exclusive Fox News consumers.

Another March poll by Quinnipiac University breaks down opinions of the media by Democrats and Republicans. Again, respondents were asked if they agreed with Trump’s assertion that the media is the enemy. Among Democratic voters, 87 percent disagreed with that statement. Only 17 percent of Republican voters disagreed. However, in the same poll, almost 90 percent of the sample size expressed a belief that it is important for the media to hold government officials accountable.

The polls, which should always been taken with a large grain of salt considering their potential margin of error, are a mixed bag. There are clearly some Americans who would absolutely agree with top presidential adviser Steve Bannon’s views on the media.

“They’re corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed — adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has,” Bannon said.

That being said, some of Bannon’s views are extremely controversial. For every one person that might agree that the media is “the enemy” there are almost two people who would disagree. Now we just have confirmation on their cable news preferences.


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