Congressional Democratic leaders signal role as chief obstructionists before Trump speech

One day ahead of President Trump’s first address to a Joint Session of Congress, Democratic leaders of both chambers delivered a powerful message to the president Monday, declaring they see no common ground to form a constructive, working relationship with the White House.

Advertised as a “prebuttal” to Mr. Trump’s Tuesday evening’s speech to the nation and attempting to upstage the president, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters at the National Press Club in no uncertain terms congressional Democrats will not work with Trump.

Labeling the president’s actions in office since Inauguration Day as “extreme,” Schumer told those gathered:

“(Trump) has moved so far to the right and in such an extreme position, it’s hard to see what we could work with him on.  If he gets away from his hard-right line . . . then maybe it’s a possibility, but it sure as heck isn’t now.”

Schumer, who has previously stated he would fight “tooth and nail” against Trump and the GOP’s legislative priorities, defiantly added the Affordable Care Act “would not be repealed.”

Speaking for House Democrats, Pelosi demonstrated an identical recalcitrance, particularly on the expected congressional battle over the repeal of Obamacare:

“Instead of acting on jobs, Republicans will make America sick again, declaring all-out war on affordable health care.”

Pelosi followed with a broadside comparing President Trump’s first weeks in office with former President Obama, telling attendees the “mess” Trump claims to face in office is his own doing as opposed to Mr. Obama, who signed two laws into effect within weeks of his inauguration, the Lilly Ledbetter law and a $1 trillion stimulus package.

Set to take place at 9 p.m. EST, Tuesday evening’s nationally-televised speech will be his first to Congress; however, the talk is not considered a State of the Union address.


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