Ex-Iranian leader pens open letter to President Trump

In an odd twist of events, ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad composed an open letter to President Trump in which he slammed the new administration’s immigration policies, U.S. “dominance” over the UN and interference in the Middle East.

A 3,500 word missive, Ahmadinejad arranged for the note to be sent to the U.S. through Swiss diplomats in Tehran.  The letter was also published on Ahmadinejad’s personal blog.

Although the dispatch congratulated Mr. Trump on his November 2016 election victory and applauded the new president for describing American political culture as corrupt, Ahmadinejad wasted little time in pivoting to attack the U.S.:

“Your Excellency has truthfully described the US political system and electoral structure as corrupt and anti-public. The US electoral system has for decades enslaved people’s votes to benefit a certain minority; ie a group that seemingly rules in the form of two parties, but in fact represents a minority, ie the tyrants of global wealth and power.”

Criticizing Trump’s temporary travel ban, Ahmadinejad suggested the president “value respect toward the diversity of nations and races,” and, reminding him that over 1 million Iranians reside in the U.S., added that American “belongs to all nations, including the natives of the land.  No one may consider themselves the owner and view others as guests or immigrants.”

Highlighting American military expenditures in the Middle East fighting international terror, Ahmadinejad requested Trump examine the results of American diplomacy and military action in the region.

“The basic question now is who has given the US government the mission to establish security worldwide?  What outcome has meddling in other’s affairs and military deployments to other regions and imposing thousands of US military, security and intelligence bases across the globe had, except for insecurity, war, division, killing and displacement of nations? Have the measures brought about anything beyond hatred and animosity toward US leaders, notoriety for the US people and imposition of military expenditures?”

Underscoring the tension between Washington and Tehran over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Ahmadinejad appealed to Trump to defuse the matter and take the lead in ending a global nuclear arms race:

“If Your Excellency takes the initiative to remove the deadly arms race and stop the military presence and intervention in other regions, the annual killing and displacement of millions of human beings will be prevented. If so, hundreds of billions of dollars of global military and security costs will be reduced, to be spent in the health, education and welfare of nations, as well as in reducing the social gap and other problems, and to uproot insecurity.”

Later, Ahmadinejad challenged Trump to withdraw from what he identifies is excessive American influence in the United Nations.

“Unfortunately, the dominance of consecutive US administrations over the global body has obstructed its right performance. Time has come for the center for manifestation of collective- and- free will of nations to be set free from the destructive dominance.”

In a blunt criticism of the U.S., Ahmadinejad accused the U.S. of supporting terror groups:

“I regret to remind you that most of the known terrorist groups across the contemporary world have either been or are formed and reinforced by US security services, or have, halfway through, started to serve their goals.”

Regarding the role of women in U.S. society, Ahmadinejad urged Trump to respect women and create a pathway for an increased role in American political and cultural life.

“I hope women in all societies, including that of the US, while at utmost persistent esteem and respect, effectively and constructively participate and lead in building the ideal society.”

The maverick former Iranian president concluded his letter with well wishes in reforming the U.S. political framework.

The White House has yet to respond to Ahmadinejad’s letter.


[AP] [ahmadinejad.ir] [Photo courtesy Asian Tribune]