Democratic National Committee scraps ban on corporate donations

One year following the Democratic National Committee (DNC) voting to lift a ban on donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees (PACs), the DNC voted Saturday to rescind a 2008 rule prohibiting donations from registered corporate lobbyists.

As a presidential candidate in 2008, former President Obama instituted a rule barring the party from accepting contributions from federal lobbyists and PACs.

Mr. Obama’s ban was rolled back in October 2015 by former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as the 2016 election began to heat up.

Introduced by DNC vice chairwoman Christine Pelosi, Resolution 33 would have banned donations from “registered, federal corporate lobbyists” and ended the practice of the DNC chair appointing registered, federal corporate lobbyists to serve as at-large members.

After heated debate, the ban was overwhelmingly voted down; however, supporters of the ban on corporate money did speak their mind openly:

“We can not afford not to take corporate money,” said one Utah member of the DNC.

Similarly, a second unnamed party member, in a veiled reference to 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton countered, “It wasn’t a lack of money that caused the problem.”

The measure will now go to the DNC’s executive committee for further consideration before final approval.

The policy vote Saturday came just prior to the committee voting for a new DNC chairman.  The DNC elected former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez its new chair, who narrowly defeated challenger Keith Ellison.

Mr. Perez refused to say whether he supports the measure.


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