NSA spokesman leaves post, cites Trump’s ‘disturbing’ actions

Edward “Ned” Price, an 11-year veteran intelligence analyst with the CIA and current spokesman with the National Security Agency resigned last week after concluding he could no longer serve a Trump administration.

Serving in various capacities within American intelligence services since 2006, Price admitted pride in his work and serving Presidents Bush and Obama, but revealed his attitude changed when witnessing candidate Donald Trump dismiss intelligence reporting indicating alleged Russian hacking into the U.S. election.

Following his resignation, Mr. Price did not depart the agency quietly and penned aggrieved commentary, which appeared in the Washington Post Monday.

“Despite working proudly for Republican and Democratic presidents, I reluctantly concluded that I cannot in good faith serve this administration as an intelligence professional,” Price wrote in his opinion piece.

Mr. Price later described Mr. Trump’s actions as a candidate and president as “disturbing” and with precision accentuated the hire and placement of presidential adviser Steve Bannon on the NSA’s staff as cause for his exodus from the agency.

Characterizing a Trump White House with “little need for intelligence professionals”, Price continued by pointing out the president’s favoring of campaign personnel who have followed him to Washington.

“Missing from the NSC’s principals committee were the CIA director and the director of national intelligence. Added to the roster: the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, who cut his teeth as a media champion of white nationalism.”

Mr. Price concluded his viewpoint denying his political positions were involved and hinting his view could be shared by those who remain in government service.

Despite loudly proclaiming politics in no way influenced his decision to leave the NSA, Price was exposed to have donated $2,700 to “Hillary for America” and an additional $2,300 to the Democratic Party’s “Hillary Victory Fund” the same day in August 2016.

Mr. Price is also a registered Democrat in Washington, D.C.


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