Western Colorado town to become site of first drive-through marijuana store

The small western Colorado town of Parachute on Thursday approved a license application for a recreational marijuana dispensary to have the state’s first drive-through location.

Scheduled to open in March at the site of an old car wash, Tumbleweed Express will compliment the original Tumbleweed store which resides just across the street in a town of about 1,100 people.

While the sale of recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2014, it wasn’t until June 2015 that Parachute repealed its local ban on pot sales. Thanks to Tumbleweed, a subsidiary of Green Cross Colorado, and two other marijuana dispensaries located within city limits, approximately 30 percent of Parachute’s sales tax revenue now comes from marijuana transactions.

Conveniently located off of I-70, approximately halfway between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, Parachute now relies on the money generated by recreational marijuana sales, which totaled $310,000 in 2016.

“We think the drive-through is a very creative and innovative idea,” said Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur. “The really good news is that other businesses are benefiting from it.”

According to Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, Tumbleweed Express must abide by three operational rules: All individuals on the property must be 21 years-of-age or older; all transactions will be recorded for security purposes; and any marijuana product cannot be physically seen by anyone outside the property.

While three marijuana stores in a tiny Western town may seem like overkill, pot sales have become big business for Colorado in three short years.  In 2016 alone, marijuana transaction taxes generated $200 million in revenue for the state government in Denver.


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