WikiLeaks reveals alleged CIA infiltration of French political parties

Investigative journalism group WikiLeaks published documents Thursday which demonstrate America’s top foreign spy agency ordered its personnel to accumulate information on French politicians’ political plans and internal communications prior to elections there in 2012.

According to the documents obtained by WikiLeaks, the CIA’s operation fell under “HUMINT” and “SIGINT” intelligence gathering methods. ¬†WikiLeaks did not reveal the source of the documents.

“HUMINT” is the collection of intelligence from human sources; “SIGINT” is accruing intelligence through interception of electronic signals.

The operation was conducted over a period of 10 months, from November 2011 until it ceased in September 2012.

As stated by an analysis of the documents by WikiLeaks, every major French political party and candidate involved in the 2012 French election was subject to infiltration by the CIA.

Of note, the orders to conduct clandestine activity against a long-time ally included directives to learn French candidates’ views on the European Union’s economic dislocation and a host of issues revolving around the views and possible responses to economic chaos in Greece.

Similarly, the documents also uncover a CIA outlook indicating there was little confidence UMP candidate and then-president, Nicholas Sarkozy, would win reelection.

One order demands operatives and analysts specifically secure information on Sarkozy’s interactions with staff, his views on political opponents, political strategy and a wish to obtain the UMP’s “Strategic Election Plans.”

The CIA has not yet commented on WikiLeaks’ disclosure.


[Daily Caller] [Photo courtesy The Political Insider]