Sen. Feinstein blames Russian interference, FBI’s Comey for Clinton loss

During a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the PressSen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told host Chuck Todd she believes a multitude of factors, specifically attempts by Russia to hack Democratic campaign apparatuses and FBI Director James Comey’s reopening of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, affected the outcome of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Asked by Todd if there is any doubt in her mind Russia attempted to interfere in the election and if she believed it altered the outcome, Ms. Feinstein replied: “The answer is yes on both cases.”

After revealing she had read the declassified report detailing an alleged Russian spear-phishing campaign and hacking attempts over a two-year period in the attempt to derail Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and weaken a potential presidency, Todd followed with an nearly-identical question, to which Feinstein interrupted, introduced and expanded on Director Comey’s role in effecting the vote.

“I think that, and I think the FBI, in the October surprise — I call it an October surprise, of announcing a subsequent investigation [into Hillary Clinton‘s private email server], did have an impact and I believe the Clinton people believe it did, too. They were polling and they were up, and all of that diminished.”

Feinstein stopped short of calling for Mr. Comey’s ouster and expressed sympathy, saying she has since learned the director was deeply troubled over his late decision to re-open the probe into Clinton’s email practices and stressed the need for patience over the inspector general’s report on Comey’s handling of the probe.


This is all too familiar:  According to California’s senior senator, the problem is never the problem.

The Democrats can not find enough people to blame for Clinton’s loss and it is becoming laughable to watch the chorus line of Hillary fans continuing to blame her loss on alleged Russian hackings, Comey’s decision to resume the FBI’s investigation or the fantasy of latent prejudices among the American electorate.

Unwilling or unable to see reality, Ms. Feinstein now joins the grievance brigade, offering the same timeworn excuses.  If one chooses to follow Feinstein’s conspiracy theory, Hillary Clinton is a perpetual victim, a flawless candidate undone by lingering sexism, the merciless campaign strategy of Donald Trump, a vengeful law enforcement official and a sinister plot hatched by evildoers in the Kremlin.

While Ms. Feinstein would rejoice in Americans taking this popular sentiment for granted, Hillary Clinton was a one-woman wrecking ball who destroyed her own campaign.

A flagbearer for radicalism, Hillary Clinton’s campaign appeal hinged not on a message of economic revival, policies to uplift the impoverished, newfangled concepts to alleviate urban decay, a willingness to reconsider economic or military alliances or a readiness to cooperate with foreign nations to solve urgent global crises.  In contrast, Clinton sounded more as Obama did in 2008 and 2012 and offered the status quo: Abortion fanaticism, routine leftism, devotion to destructive identity politics and incompetence in the handling foreign policy and potential health-care reform.

If Hillary Clinton was as preeminently qualified as Mr. Obama suggested when he stated she was the “most qualified” candidate in the history of the republic, Clinton would have demonstrated the political dexterity to maneuver around the ubiquitous hazards presidential contests present and survive the FBI probe, foreign hacking attempts or vestigial sexism.

Unable to sidestep political landmines and suffering from repeated self-inflicted wounds over her shady e-mail server, two decades of incessant scandal and an image of a scheming, manipulative woman obsessed with power, Hillary’s loss is best laid at Hillary’s doorstep.

Unfortunately, Feinstein’s contributions to this errant narrative demonstrate her hope history will record the first female presidential nominee from a major party was the victim of a dastardly scheme perpetrated by male tormentors inside the Justice Department, among the electorate and within the walls of the Kremlin.

Furthering this nonsensical chronicle will only tarnish the California Democrat’s record, which, until her ill-advised decision to publicly broadcast the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report in 2014, was virtually unblemished.

Of course, we will never know if Feinstein believes Clinton was a flawed candidate or why enthusiasm collapsed among voters because the California Democrat was never asked.


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