Sanders, Clinton, Trump skip out on bills for security at campaign events

Despite campaign rhetoric promising to rein in out-of-control federal spending and balance the annual budget, the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have so far refused to honor the debt owed to municipalities for security provided by law enforcement during the campaign.

According to an investigation conducted by the Center for Public Integrity, President-elect Trump owes $204,000; Clinton owes $25,000; and Vermont’s Sanders is in arrears to the tune of a whopping $448,409.

Although cities such as Tuscon, Ariz., Spokane, Wash., or Youngstown, Ohio, for example, have repeatedly billed the trio of candidates, controversy persists over the extent of the campaigns’ liabilities.

Following the arrival of an invoice demanding the payment of $44,013 for security provided to the Sanders campaign at a March rally held at the Tuscon Convention Center, attorneys for the progressive senator responded in a letter to the city attorney declining to pay.

Sanders’ attorney argued the Tuscon police were not contracted for by the Sanders campaign and additional security provided by Tuscon was an arrangement made with the Secret Service.

Similarly, President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign apparently owes $81,837 to Tuscon and $65,124 to the city of Spokane. In a letter responding to Tuscon’s request to pay debt, Trump attorneys replied the campaign was “frustrated” over the refusal of Tuscon police to control violent anti-Trump protesters at the Convention Center, but did not address whether it intended to pay the city.

Finally, despite owing Green Bay, Wis., $12,800 and Philadelphia $2,678, the Clinton campaign has repeatedly ignored any attempt to secure payment. If the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee’s committee continues to dodge requests for a response, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia mayor’s office said collection efforts will be taken up by the city’s legal department, for “action at the appropriate time.”


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