Harry Reid blames everyone but Clinton for election loss in media interviews

In a series of blitz interviews on MSNBC and CNN, now-former Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) offered a searing critique of FBI Director James Comey’s role in the 2016 election, suggesting his actions relating to the probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server prior to Nov. 8 handed the election to Donald Trump.

In separate interviews with MSNBC and CNN, Reid repeatedly assailed Comey and in one phone interview with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, compared the director’s behavior similar to disgraced J. Edgar Hoover.

After accepting a call from Reid, AM Joy host Joy-Ann Reid inquired of the Minority Leader his belief Comey deliberately withheld information regarding the alleged hack by Russia into the presidential election, Reid answered:  “Yes, that is true.”

Following his accusation against Comey, Reid continued his offensive against the director, asserting he resembled Hoover and declared Comey should resign.

Asked by host Reid if he suspected Comey would step down, Reid responded he did not think Comey would; however, when asked by Reid if Attorney General Loretta Lynch would remove Comey, the Nevada senator speculated it would be a futile effort.

Continuing to probe the now-retired Minority Leader, Reid invited a comment on the possibility of Comey being the subject of an investigation by the Senate of government agencies, to which Reid responded:

“I think he should be investigated by the Senate, I think he should be investigated by other agencies of government, including the security agencies, because if there was ever a matter of security it is this. It’s clear, it’s so clear, you look at the accounts we have, just in the press, in the last few days. It’s just stunning, stunning, the conclusions reached in the press. Thank goodness, we still have them around, in spite of a lot of people, this is not fake news, okay?”

Two days following his comments with MSNBC, Reid appeared in a sit-down interview with CNN corespondent Manu Raju and reiterated his claim, stating:  “Comey helped (President-elect Donald) Trump significantly.”

“A week before the election, he came out with this, ‘Oh, we found some more emails,’ and, as a result of that, we lost Senate seats, and, I think, we lost the presidency,” Reid added.

Asked by Raju if Comey “singlehandedly” turned the election in Trump’s favor, Reid declined to lay blame exclusively on candidate Hillary Clinton, but said she “would have won the election and in the Senate, Democrats would have gained as many as two more seats had it not been for Comey’s letter reopening the probe against Clinton.”


Crude and superficial, this is the outgoing Minority Leader at his worst.

Naturally, Reid uttered no such abuse at Comey in July 2016 when the Director absolved Clinton after an exhaustive investigation into her shady email practices.

“No one can question the integrity, the competence (of Director Comey),” Reid said on July 6 when he echoed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and then-vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, both of whom lionized the FBI head as a man of integrity who had completed a sober and impartial investigation and cleared their candidate of wrongdoing.

Following Mr. Comey’s decision to reopen the email probe in October, Reid pivoted double-quick to save Clinton and discredit the director as a partisan agent seeking to sabotage Clinton’s gender-centric bid for the White House.

Accusing Comey of a “double standard” and of aiding one party over another, the irresponsible senior Nevada senator branded one of the nation’s top law enforcement officials of in violation of the Hatch Act in a blistering Oct. 30 letter to Comey.

Unable or unwilling to carefully examine Hillary Clinton’s innumerable flaws and lack of appeal, in Reid’s insular world Donald Trump’s victory must be the result of the sinister act from an outside influence.

For those willing to see reality, Clinton’s loss is most likely attributed to the fact she was a weak candidate with no visible message other than a woman desperate to become the first female to win the Oval Office.

Unbeknownst to Reid, whose political perspective is blinded by his partisan rage, Clinton’s loss is rooted in her managerial incompetence demonstrated at the State Department, unfailing commitment to on-demand abortion, a long, rich history of corruption and ethical lapses, an unsettling attachment to identity politics and left-wing dogma.

While Trump spoke endlessly about the decline of manufacturing jobs, Clinton spoke of equality for gay Americans.  As Trump exposed flaws in trade agreements and connected trade pacts to job loss, Clinton droned on endlessly about the alleged gender-pay gap.  When Trump offered plans to lower corporate tax rates to create a friendly environment for business to thrive in the U.S., Clinton spoke boringly about transgender bathrooms.

Clinton’s loss was a matter of message or lack thereof, but to Reid, the Senate’s chief obstructionist, it was the machinations of Comey.

Reserving his rage only for the FBI director, Reid never uttered an ill word over the obvious corruption at the DNC, in which the top leadership was hounded out over trickery which blunted Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  According to Reid, the collusion between Donna Brazile and the Clinton camp in which the CNN contributor who doubles as a DNC official and DNC dishonesty are unworthy of criticism or blame.

From a man who consistently used his perch on the Senate floor where he is immune from lawsuits to smear others, this is unsurprising.  Often grandstanding in front of the cameras on the Senate floor, the senior senator’s career is notable for denouncing political opponents as “un-American” or accusing wealthy conservatives as sinister foes of progress instead of governing responsibly or successfully as Majority or Minority Leader.

When not offering baseless smears while presiding over the Senate, Reid’s tenure as Majority Leader was equally undistinguished:  Faced with the prospect of popular GOP legislation passing in the House, Reid changed Senate rules and smothered debate for two years to protect Mr. Obama from pressure to sign into law GOP proposals.

His Senate career amounting to little more than a cog in a Democratic attack machine primed and ready to go at a moments notice, Reid now ends his existence in government hurling yet another baseless accusation, without reservation or qualification, suggesting Director Comey acted to thwart Clinton in the name of blind partisan fury and out of ideological malice.

For Reid, it was not simply a doctrine to smear opponents while persisting under a halo of protection guaranteed by the Senate floor, it was his way of life.


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