House report: Edward Snowden continues to collude with Russian intelligence

According to a House Intelligence Committee report declassified on Thursday, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden persists in his contact with Russian intelligence agencies.

Conclusions drawn in the 37-page report finalized in September include:  Since Snowden acquired asylum in Russia, “he has had, and continues to have, contact with Russian intelligence services;” his disclosures have placed “American troops at greater risk in any future conflict;” his revelations are “the largest and most damaging public release” in U.S. history; and Snowden did in fact “share intelligence” with the Kremlin.

The report did not, however, limit its criticism to Snowden.  In a stinging disapproval of the American Intelligence Community (IC), particularly the CIA, the House committee estimated IC has not take all the needed steps to “minimize the risk” of further unlicensed disclosures.

Similarly, the Intelligence Committee rejected the rogue whistleblower’s claim he had achieved a tipping point at which he decided his only alternative was to retrieve and release classified information regarding the U.S. metadata program.

Following report’s release, Snowden blasted the House panel’s conclusions which contends that he is a “serial exaggerator and fabricator.”

Unleashing on Twitter, the former NSA contractor denounced the report in a near-endless rant of over 20 tweets.

Snowden fled the United States in June 2013 following a Justice Department investigation which indicted him for violations to the Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of U.S. government property.

After a short stay in China, Snowden journeyed to Russia where has been extended temporary asylum.

Often addressing supporters and journalists via Videocall or Google Hangouts, Snowden has admitted his desire to return to America, often attempting to negotiate terms of his return and expressing a desire to avoid prosecution.


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