President Obama rents DC office space in WWF headquarters

President Obama has rented office space from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headquarters in downtown Washington, a move that adds details to his post-presidency plans.

Unlike most outgoing presidents, Mr. Obama and his family will be staying in the nation’s capital city for the next several years while his daughter Sasha finishes high school.

Spokeswoman Amy Brundage confirmed Obama will have a Washington work location, but did not specify exactly where.

“As a former president, President Obama will have office space in Washington, D.C., when he leaves office,” she said.

The WWF, an international, for-profit environmental conservation organization, did not comment on the reported rental.

The Obama family will be renting a house in Kalorama, a neighborhood located in the Northwest quadrant of the city.  Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft and Warren Harding also all took residence there following their White House tenures.

The office Obama leased is approximately a mile from the $5.3 million mansion.

Although the whereabouts of Obama’s Washington office is now public, details of what he will exactly be doing after President-elect Trump is sworn in are still vague.

President Obama will most likely spend some of his time in Chicago, where his presidential library is being constructed. There is also the possibility Obama will help reorganize the Democratic Party, an area of particular personal interest. However, deciding to work in such close proximity to the WWF might also signal a continuation of interest in both sustainability and climate change prevention policies.

Or maybe, he’ll do all of the above. Obama will be leaving office at age 55, which makes him one of the youngest two-term presidents in U.S. history.

Come Jan. 20, 2017, he’ll have nothing but time.


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