Judge declines to halt Jill Stein’s Wisconsin recount

A federal judge in Wisconsin has rejected a petition by supporters of likely President-elect Donald Trump to bring an end to a recount effort brought about by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

As of Friday, the recount was 90 percent complete with Republican Party candidate Trump maintaining a safe lead of close to 22,000 votes over his Democratic rival, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who earned 82 votes in her favor.

The suit was filed by two political action committees, Great America PAC, Stop Hillary PAC, and one private citizen, Ronald R. Johnson, late last week.

In denying the petitioners suit, Judge James D. Peterson disputed claims the recount would delay the expected Dec. 13 cutoff date to settle any conflicts over the presidential election ahead of the Electoral College vote a week later.

Johnson rejected the lawsuit and characterized the plaintiffs’ claims were “predicated all on rank speculation.”

“I don’t have the basis for stopping the recount,” Peterson told petitioners.

Defending the state, Assistant Attorney General Michael Murphy told the court that, “(The recount) is on time; it is going smoothly.”

Wisconsin’s lawsuit runs concurrent with similar applications in Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Both states were won by Mr. Trump.

In Michigan, the state’s Supreme Court denied Stein’s appeal to restart the vote recount in a 3–2 ruling after a a judge removed his temporary restraining order ending Stein’s effor in the Great Lakes State.


[Wisconsin State Journal] [Photo courtesy Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune]