Election watchdog sues state of Florida, demands vote recount

Citing over 160,000 votes that were not counted, Washington-based ProtectOurElections, a left-wing, government-accountability coalition has filed suit in Florida Circuit Court to contest the state election board’s certification of Republican Donald Trump’s electoral victory on Nov. 8.

ProtectOurElections sued on behalf of three Florida residents Leonisia Olivares, Jerry W. Lapidus, and Judith L. Craig on Friday in Florida’s Leon County Court.

President-elect Trump won Florida by 112,911 more votes than Democrat Hillary Clinton, a 1.2 percent margin that narrowly averted an automatic statewide recount.

The group claims that Clinton won the state’s popular vote.

ProtectOurElections’ lawsuit contends the state’s election results are flawed and cites widespread hacking and the failure of voting machines led to votes that were not counted.

Similarly, the lawsuit alleges an additional 25,000 mail-in votes were not counted in Broward County in heavily-Democratic South Florida.

Further, the group argues Diebold and Dominion voting machines are historically vulnerable to hackings, but the group’s suit does not specifically produce evidence that the devices were compromised this election cycle.  Alternatively, the suit claims predictive models revealing a Clinton win in the Sunshine State and a higher number of rejected ballots as a basis for the litigation demanding a recount.

“The number of uncounted votes, together with the illegal votes and the lack of integrity of the voting machines, is more than sufficient to call in doubt the results of the election,” the lawsuits claims.

The suit demands the state order a hand recount and the cost of the reckoning be charged to Trump, Florida Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, 29 Republican-pledged electors and a host of GOP officials in the state.

Florida is the fourth state to face a recount or possible recount.  Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, backed by defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, has filed similar suits in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania demanding statewide recounts.

Citing no legal standing, a federal judge halted Stein’s recount effort in Michigan on Wednesday.


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