Sanders: Wisconsin recount unlikely to change election outcome

Interviewed on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told host Dana Bash he does not believe Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s recount petition in Wisconsin will change the outcome of the Nov. 8 election.

After supporting President Obama’s decision to express condolences to Cuba over Fidel Castro’s death, Sanders vindicated Stein’s effort to raise money and request the recount and said:

“No one expects there to be profound change, but there’s nothing wrong with going through the process,” Sanders said.

When challenged again on Dr. Stein’s appeal for a recount, Bash cited Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s tweet assailing the Clinton campaign for its involvement in the Wisconsin re-count, the Vermont senator became combative and cut Bash off saying:

“This is exactly the issue. Nobody cares!  The Green Party has the legal right. Republicans have requested — I think the governor of North Carolina right now is thinking about doing a recount. That’s a legal right. They do it.  I don’t think that Hillary Clinton, who got two million more votes than Mr. Trump in the popular election, thinks that it’s going to transform the election. But do people have the legal right to do it? Yes, we do.”

Shortly after, Bash inquired of Sanders his view on the future of the Electoral College, which some Democrats have publicly called to be abolished.

Stating in light of the popular vote going in favor of Clinton by over 2 million votes, Sanders declared it is time to re-assess the value of the election device, saying Clinton’s popular tally over New York businessman Donald Trump, but Trump winning the White House, looks a “little weird.”


[CNN] [Photo courtesy Mandel Nagn/AFP/Getty Images via The New Yorker]