Clinton’s popular vote lead over Trump surpasses 2 million

Already holding a 1.5 million advantage on Sunday, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s popular vote dominance over President-elect Donald Trump continued on an upward trajectory and eclipsed 2 million ballots early Wednesday morning.

Despite losing the Electoral College vote 290–232, with Michigan yet to be called, Clinton’s popular vote lead now stands at 64,223,958 to 62,206,395 for Trump.

While the final votes continue to be tallied, Clinton is on pace to join former Chief Executives Andrew Jackson, Samuel J. Tilden, Grover Cleveland and Al Gore in the annals of history for winning the popular vote, but being denied the White House after being handed an electoral loss.

Jackson won the White House four years later and served two terms from 1829–37; Cleveland reclaimed the White House a second time in 1892 and became the only president to serve non-consecutive terms.

Acknowledging her election defeat, Clinton conceded the race on Wednesday, Nov. 9, but her concession has not dissuaded some loyalists from plotting a strategy to thwart Trump’s path to the White House.

In a desperate bid to overturn the election, some are calling for the Electoral College to be abolished and grassroots activists in some states have organized online petitions in the attempt to coax electors to cast votes in favor of Clinton when the College meets on Dec. 19.

One petition laid out on calling on electors in 14 states which do not bind voters to switch their ballot from Trump to Clinton.  As of Wednesday, the petition boasts over 4 million signatures.

In an interview with the New York Times Tuesday, Trump lauded the Electoral College system.

“We actually went to about 22 states, whereas if you’re going for popular vote, you’d probably go to four, or three, it could be three,” he said. “You wouldn’t leave New York. You’d stay in New York and you’d stay in California.”


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