Trump attacks New York Times on Twitter, publication responds

UPDATE — 11:28 p.m. EST: Donald Trump continued his Twitter tirade against the New York Times Wednesday morning in regard to a story the publication released alleging the president-elect’s transition team is in ‘disarray’.


President-elect Donald Trump seems to be having trouble keeping his promise to be more restrained on Twitter after promising in a “60 minutes” interview he would back away from his social media account and indicating he might not even use the platform anymore.

“I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at all, I’m going to be very restrained,” Trump told CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl in a previously recorded interview that aired Sunday evening.

On Sunday morning, Trump was back on Twitter, this time going after the New York Times for their biased campaign coverage.

The letter Trump is referring was sent by Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Dean Baquet. Sulzberger, publisher of the paper, and Baquet, executive editor, addressed the letter to all New York Times readers. The two men discussed the unpredictability of the 2016 election, and publicly mused if the media underestimated Trump from the start.

The letter did not, however, apologize for the publication’s election coverage of Trump. Instead it reiterated that they both felt the paper reported fairly and promised their readers that the Times would “bring the same fairness, same level of scrutiny” in the years to come.

Trump is also incorrect about Times subscriptions, according to the Washington Post. Print subscriptions fell slightly from 2015, but online subscriptions more than made up for that decline.

In the time period from July 2015 through November, digital subscriptions have risen 35 percent. The Times also responded via Twitter to Trump, in an unprecedented exchange between a media outlet and the next president of the United States.

Now that Trump is no longer a presidential candidate, many are wondering if he will take a more traditional, measured approach to not only his Twitter account, but also to the media in general. If this is any indication, the answer is solidly “no.”


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