Yale professor deems mid-term exam optional over Trump victory

In the era of trigger warnings and safe spaces dominating college campuses, one distraught Yale economics professor decided to ease the effect of New York businessman Donald Trump’s January elevation to the White House on his students by making his planned mid-term economics examination optional for traumatized pupils.

It is unknown if Yale provided either fainting couches or grief counselors for students toiling in this emotional wasteland.

Tormented by the prospect of a Trump White House, the unnamed educator reportedly sent an email to students, the putative cream of our future, informing them he had been presented with numerous heartfelt requests to delay his mid-term examination over their trepidation for themselves and their family following Mr. Trump’s election.

The spineless educator approved their demand.

Yale News reported widespread malaise among the coddled student body, with many expressing fear over a Trump presidency and others entering the throes of deep depression.

“I listen to a lot of kids at Yale saying, ‘How could this happen?’ but it shows really how a lot of people within these campuses and these universities are really out of touch with the everyday American,” said an anonymous college junior who supported Trump.

“That being said, I certainly feel for the people on the other side; they worked really hard on their campaign and I believe both sides believe their vision is best for both people.”


[Washington Examiner] [Photo courtesy Fox News]