Mullahs in Tehran warn Trump over Iran nuclear agreement

Speaking to reporters after meeting with Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajcak in Bratislava, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif  warned President-elect Donald Trump over the New York businessman’s repeated campaign pledge to abandon the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also know as the Iran nuclear deal.

Zarif expressed hope the pact would prevail and its provisions fully implemented, but added Iran interprets the treaty as a multilateral agreement and not to be dissolved by one nation.

“Of course Iran’s options are not limited,” Zarif told reporters after a meeting in Slovakia on Thursday.

The foreign minister’s comments followed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s remarks to the Cabinet of Iran the landmark deal could not be overturned by one man.

Mr. Trump repeatedly lambasted the deal and President Obama, declaring the agreement a “disaster,” saying the Iranian leadership mocked the U.S. over Washington’s willingness to negotiate and lift sanctions and often told audiences he would renegotiate the pact if elected.

Negotiated with Iran and the P5+1, Germany and the European Union (EU) between 2013–2015, the agreement allows Iran to continue peaceful nuclear research and abandon its nuclear bomb program in exchange for the lifting of crippling sanctions and the unfreezing of Iranian assets abroad.

Since the lifting of sanctions, European nations have embarked on a series of trade negotiations and the U.S. delivered cash payments exceeding $1 billion in unfrozen assets.


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