Pennsylvania’s Toomey doubtful of Trump win; forewarns President-elect

Locked in a tight reelection campaign against state official Kate McGinty until the bitter end and frequently distancing himself from the Republican presidential nominee, Pennsylvania GOP Senator Pat Toomey admitted Thursday he was skeptical of a Trump win on Election Day.

“I’ve got to be totally candid with you: I was not expecting Donald Trump to win.  I didn’t anticipate that he would pull this off. I thought it would be close, but I’m still amazed by that,” Toomey told local CBS radio affiliate Talk Radio 1012.

Toomey did not comment on Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the Keystone State, the first GOP victory in a presidential election there since former President George H.W. Bush’s win over Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis in 1988.

At times written off as a likely Republican loss, Toomey had dodged question over his support for Mr. Trump during the entire election; he later admitted on Election Day he cast his vote for the New York businessman after ruling out the possibility he would ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

Later in the day, Toomey discussed his role in cooperating with President-elect Trump’s legislative plans when he assumes the White House.

Greeting journalists at his Philadelphia campaign offices, Toomey was quoted as saying:

“There will be times when I disagree with Donald Trump and when I disagree I will say so. I will not be a rubber stamp for anyone.”

Toomey, however, did not dismiss a partnership with Trump on key issues.  Describing legislation in which the two would find common ground, the first-term Pennsylvania senator told reporters that sweeping away Mr. Obama’s numerous executive orders, a Supreme Court pick, immigration and dismantling the Affordable Car Act, were mutual priorities.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy Getty Images via Politico]