Americans searching for Canadian jobs spikes after election

When it was announced that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won Ohio on election night, the Canadian immigration site crashed due to high traffic, and after media outlets called the race for the GOP nominee early Wednesday morning, American searches for Canadian jobs jumped by a rate of 10 times from the previous night.

Although Trump won at least 290 electoral votes, 20 more than the necessary 270 to secure the presidency, he will likely not win the popular vote. Indeed, many Americans were shocked by his win and anxious about their future in the U.S.

“For many Americans, the election result was such a shock that many are imagining a way out,” said Jed Kolko, chief economist for Indeed. “The jump in searches shows how many Americans were surprised by Trump’s victory and are thinking about their options elsewhere.”

This election season brought a slew of American celebrities who said they would leave the country if Donald Trump were to win. Apparently many ordinary citizens are also thinking about seeking their fortunes elsewhere as well. U.S. engineers topped the list of professionals who expressed a desire to leave, according to Monster. Second on that list were those in the IT field.

Wanting to move to Canada, and actually being allowed to, are two different things. Unless you have certain work skills, or a lot of money, it will be more difficult than most imagine. Financial reporter Suzanne McGee explained the problems in a May column for The Guardian.

“If you’re very young and flexible, have in-demand skills, and really understand what it means to leave it all behind, or if you’re ultra-wealthy, leaving is possible. For most of the rest of us? It’s much, much trickier to actually move to Canada — or anywhere else — than to just utter the phrase. And if you do leave — well, brace yourself for the financial consequences.”

It is most likely that the high number of searches encompass a sense of despair about America’s current political climate, and a curiosity at what it would take to leave. It is unlikely that there will be mass exodus of Americans to Canada. However, if you hate Donald Trump but love poutine, hockey, and being cold, maybe starting the immigration application is not so crazy after all.


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