Koch brothers mum on which candidate received their vote

Engaged in every sector of the political domain except holding office, conservative megadonors Charles and David Koch refused to disclose publicly for whom they cast their ballots on Election Day.

“That’s a private decision,” Koch spokesman James Davis told CNN.

Both Kochs quietly declined to support or financially back Donald Trump prior to the convention and repeatedly spurned overtures from GOP insiders and donors summoning the two to set aside their differences with the real estate mogul to thwart Hillary Clinton.

In the absence of support for Trump, the Kochs’ silence fueled an obsession among political observers and pundits as to whom and where the family network would direct its resources.

The energy tycoons rocked the political class with a January 2015 announcement of a planned budget of an astonishing $899 million, double their contributions in 2012, in campaign funds for various Republican races and ballot initiatives for the 2016 election cycle.

Widely expected to support the GOP nominee, both brothers determined to withhold financial backing from New York businessman Donald Trump over differences with the president-elect’s political positions, many of which substantially contrasted with the Kochs, who identify as social conservatives and economic libertarians.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy The Young Turks/YouTube]