Democratic elector won’t cast Electoral Vote for Hillary Clinton

Even at risk of a pecuniary punishment totaling $1,000, one pledged Washington state Democratic elector is vowing not to cast his Electoral College vote for Hillary Clinton regardless of whether former Secretary earns the Evergreen State on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“No, no, no on Hillary. Absolutely not. No way. I hope it comes down to a swing vote and it’s me. Good. She ain’t getting it. Maybe it’ll wake this country up,” said Democratic elector Robert Satiacum on Friday.

One of Washington state’s 12 electors, Satiacum is a member of Washington’s Puyallup Indian Tribe and strong supporter of Vermont’s progressive Senator Bernie Sanders.

Driven by anger over President Obama’s refusal to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline and lacking trust in Hillary Clinton over tribal and environmental matters, Satiacum is untroubled by his decision to refuse to cast his electoral vote for the Democratic nominee.

Although he faces the prospect of earning a reputation as a “faithless elector,” one who refuses to cast the electoral vote for a victor in the presidential election, Satiacum is living without remorse even though he may face a fine for not honoring the election result.

“We are looking down off the cliff,” he said. “As humanity we are there. We cannot go four more years with either of these idiots.”

Composed with his decision, Satiacum admits he has yet to decide who to vote for when Washington state electors gather on Dec. 19 to cast ballots.


[ABC News] [Photo courtesy Drew Perine/The News Tribune