Abedin email: Clinton miffed about Pelosi dragging feet on endorsement

A hacked email disclosed by Wikileaks on Sunday revealed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s fury over House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s rejecting Clinton’s solicitation for an early endorsement from the California Democrat in 2015.

“(Pelosi) didn’t say yes,” read top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s missive.

“HRC said she felt it was a non-answer,” Abedin continued to Clinton campaign officials, including chair John Podesta, after Clinton requested Pelosi’s support.

Although the email dates to July 2015, a moment when the fledgling Clinton campaign was contending with several opponents in the Democratic primary field, Clinton would later be locked in a heated primary fight with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Revealing shock and estimating Clinton’s angry reaction, Abedin continued to lay out a strategy for clarification from Pelosi’s office recommending either she herself or Podesta contact Pelosi’s office “to see what the deal is but she (Clinton) wasn’t prepared for that answer.”

Pelosi eventually endorsed Clinton a year later on June 7, the day of the California Democratic primary. According to the latest presidential polls in the Golden State, Clinton leads Republican nominee Donald Trump by more than 20 points, 54–32 percent.


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