Clinton Foundation admits concealing $1 million Qatar donation

Amid mounting evidence the Clinton Foundation acted less a charity and more a clearinghouse for foreign influence peddling, the organization has admitted it kept secret a $1 million donation to Bill Clinton from the government of Qatar in 2011.

Unearthed and released by Wikileaks, in confirming the donation, Clinton Foundation spokesperson Brian Cookstra said the contribution did not amount to a “material increase” in the Gulf nation’s support for the foundation.

After receiving the donation, a meeting between Qatari officials and Bill Clinton was scheduled to take place; it is unclear if Qatari functionaries met later with Clinton. Cookstra refused to answer questions regarding the meeting and described Qatari donations as broad, part of their commitment to “overall humanitarian effort.”

Hillary Clinton was serving at the State Department during the period Qatar gave the offering.

Prior to resigning her seat in the Senate, Clinton sent a letter to the State Department’s legal division vowing to take all necessary steps to avoid conflicts with the foundation if confirmed as Secretary of State.

Although her letter to State was entirely voluntary, over concerns raised by members of Congress Clinton later signed an official document which legally obligated her to reveal donors and maintain independence from foundation activities.

The State Department has admitted it has no record of the Qatari gift.

To avoid the appearance there was overlap between foundation and State Department business, Bill Clinton later accepted several conditions and restrictions regarding his ongoing activities and fundraising efforts for his charity.

Qatari officials refused comment on the foundation’s admission.


[RT America] [JudicialWatch] [Photo courtesy Jookos News]