Bill Clinton charged $100,000 donations for meetings in 2012

An internal Clinton Foundation memo publicized by WikiLeaks Friday detailing meetings with former President Bill Clinton has revealed donors paid in excess of $100,000 for face-to-face meetings with the former chief executive.

According to documents prepared by Foundation CFO Andrew M. Kessel for the charity’s annual board meeting in December 2012, donors’ names and amounts paid clearly illustrate the former president held separate meetings with two individuals, Masimo Foundation chair Joe Kiani and Palantir Technologies founder Alex Karp.

Both men paid over $100,000 for meetings with Clinton; Kiani paid $140,000 and Karp bought face time with Clinton for $100,000.  Both men are designated as first-time donors.



Following the introductory payment to meet Clinton, Kiani also paid $650,000 in 2013–’14 to Clinton for speeches.

Kiani’s payment is particularly curious in view of the fact the Food and Drug Administration account which claimed his medical firm did not address dozens of complaints over defective medical devices Masimo produced.

The payments to Bill Clinton occurred while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.


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