GOP mega-donor opens his pocketbook for Trump

With the 2016 presidential campaign thrown into a delirium over a renewed FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s private server and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gaining in the polls, Las Vegas Sands Corps. CEO Sheldon Adelson has affirmed a late, massive infusion of cash to a conservative super PAC to win the White House and maintain GOP control of both chambers of Congress.

Adelson is reported to have told the Republican Party of his intent to fill the war chest of Future 45 with up to $25 million following New York businessman Donald Trump’s visit to Las Vegas last week.

A creation of Chicago’s Ricketts family, Future 45 has spent millions aimed at helping down-ballot GOP candidates.

With a net worth estimated to exceed $32 billion, Adelson is the largest donor to political causes from either major political party; Adelson donated $25 million to Trump’s campaign in September.

Rumored to have expressed a willingness to pledge an additional $25 million by Election Day if needed, Adelson’s late-October donation follows his $10 million gift to Future 45 earlier this year.

Similar to Ricketts family members, who were initially uncertain about throwing support behind Donald Trump, Adelson remained a non-player in the GOP primaries, but was inspired to back the real estate mogul in May.

Describing the election of Hillary Clinton as frightening, Adelson appealed to traditional Republican donors and elected officials to set aside their disagreements with the New York businessman on policy issues to prevent the former Secretary from winning the White House.


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