Both former Presidents Bush may vote for Clinton on Election Day

Long the source of colossal curiosity among political spectators and pundits alike, George P. Bush, son for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, revealed his uncle, 43rd President George W. Bush, may be voting for Hillary Clinton.

Bush, the current Texas land commissioner, told a gathering of Republicans Tuesday evening in San Marcos, Texas, his uncle George W. and grandfather, George H.W., may “potentially” cast a ballot for the former Secretary.

Bush later made a point of clarifying his remarks, emphasizing his earlier statement was mere speculation as to how the former presidents would vote in the Nov. 8 election.

Although both have remained relatively quiet about who they intend to cast their vote for, speculation intensified in September after Kathleen Townsend posted on her Facebook page the 41st president had confided in her of his intent to support Clinton.

Bush aides later appeared to walk back Townsend’s claim, saying the former president and Bush family patriarch would not publicly endorse either candidate.

Despite their silence on which candidate the family prefers, several members of the clan quietly refused to endorse New York businessman Donald Trump’s bid for the White House following son Jeb’s exit from the primaries.

Unlike brother George W. and father George H.W., Jeb tacitly stated he would not vote for either candidate in July.

Virtually unheard of in presidential elections, the refusal to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump by both Bushs is the first time since 1976 a former chief executive did not support their party’s nominee, but no one knows what either man will do once they pull the lever on the curtain.


[Politico] [Photo courtesy Getty Images via Daily Mail]