Presidential nominee Jill Stein wins young artists poll

An online presidential survey of approximately 600 members of Acceptd, a network platform for artists, found that Green Party nominee Jill Stein is the most popular candidate among young, creative types.

The poll’s results were based on survey-takers agreement or disagreement with the four major presidential candidates’ public statements on art-related issues, such as freedom of expression and public funding.

Dr. Stein was the first choice of 40 percent of Acceptd’s membership, followed by 34 percent who favored Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“While Jill Stein is trailing in national polls, it’s clear her stance on funding art, limiting censorship and making higher education free all resonate with our audience”, said Acceptd’s president, Don Hunter.

In a two-way match-up of the two major party candidates, Clinton beat Republican nominee Donald Trump, 55–45 percent. Mr. Hunter said the Democratic nominee “has historically been a supporter of the National Endowment of the Arts while Trump has called for NEA to stop funding controversial art.”

Trump called some of this “controversial art”, “absolutely gross, degenerate stuff. It shouldn’t be funded by government.”

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson finished last in the survey, only mustering two votes among the nearly 600 artists due to his call to immediately stop funding NEA. However, Johnson also opposes censorship laws, including those that block pornography, because they are an “unwarranted interference with private and voluntary acts”.

Upon being informed of her support in the art community, Stein said she “look[s] forward to creating a society where everyone has the support they need to share their artistic vision with the world.”

Despite her popularity in the most liberal of American circles, Stein has only managed to gain the support about two percent of all U.S. voters, according to an average of the most recent four-way polls.

According to RealClear Politics, Clinton has a 3.4 point lead nationally over Donald Trump, with Gary Johnson polling at five percent overall.


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