Former Pennsylvania Attorney General sentenced to prison

Following her conviction on nine counts, two for felony perjury and seven for obstruction of justice and abuse of power on Aug. 15, former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was sentenced to serve 10 to 23 months in county jail Monday.

Remaining silent upon hearing her sentence, Kane was handcuffed and led from the courtroom.

In addition to the possibility Kane could face up to 23 months behind bars, Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy attached eight years of probation to her sentence.

“This case is about ego — ego of a politician consumed with her image from Day One.  And instead of focusing solely on the business of fighting crime, her focus was on defeating these perceived enemies,” Judge Demchick-Alloy said in handing down the sentence. “A lesser sentence will depreciate the seriousness of the crimes of this defendant.”

The first female Democrat in the history of the Keystone State to become attorney general, Kane was charged over coordinating the unlawful leak of grand jury testimony to retaliate against Frank Fina.

Fina, a top prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, was suspected by Kane of cooperating with the Philadelphia Daily News and supplying the newspaper with documents alleging Kane had used political pressure to thwart Fina’s investigation of alleged corruption among elected officials.

Fina has since left Pennsylvania’s Attorney’s office.

Citing her admission of guilt, cooperating with prosecutors, an apology and the prospect a jail term would separate her from her teenage boys in an appeal for leniency, Judge Demchick-Alloy was unmoved and spared Kane no word of condemnation.

“When perjury is committed, it is the penultimate violation, it is the ultimate assault on the judicial system,” the presiding judge continued.  “Confidence and trust [citizens] invested in the court system and they invested in you is completely eroded and undermined.”


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy AP/Yahoo News]