Podesta emails show campaign’s concern over Clinton mistress

One of the emails released by WikiLeaks on Saturday from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta shows that Clinton associate Cheryl Mills and Mr. Podesta exchanged messages in 2014 about an alleged mistress of former President Clinton known to secret service agents as “The Energize Bunny”.

Specifically, Ms. Mills referred Podesta to a Daily Mail article about a tell-all book set to be released in August 2014 entitled, “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents”, which alleged that Clinton carried on an affair for years with a Chappaqua, N.Y., socialite starting in 2001.

The email’s subject line read: “Who is the ‘Energiser’ who has been Clinton’s secret lover?sic”. Podesta responded in the message saying, “Well, they sure managed to get every name into one story,” referring to all of President Clinton’s rumored escapades.

In “The First Family”, journalist Ron Kessler writes about a “blonde, buxom mistress”, who was a frequent visitor to Clinton’s home and that sources said was “charming and friendly” to everyone.

Daily Mail correspondent Tom Leonard, who wrote the piece Mills referred to, claimed that “The Energizer Bunny” was one Julie McMahon, a recent divorcee in 2001 who lived approximately five miles from the Clintons’ Westchester County home.

According to Leonard, Ms. McMahon first met Clinton in 1998 in Colorado, when the former president was invited to stay at McMahon’s father’s home, who was a wealthy Democratic Party donor.

Apparently the revelation was taken seriously enough by the Clinton camp two years ago that after being forwarded Mills’ email to Podesta, Bill Clinton aide Tina Fluornoy responded that she wanted to arrange a conference call to discuss the allegations.

Julie McMahon is only one in a series of alleged Clinton mistresses. Other names linked to the former president include, former vice president Walter Mondale’s late daughter Eleanor, entertainer Barbara Streisand, Canadian businesswoman Belinda Stronach and Lisa Belzberg — former wife of Matthew Bronfman, son of Canadian-American billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Sr.


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